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Awesome Shalwar kameez online, also spelled salwar kameez or shalwar qameez is a type of traditional dress in central and south Asia. In nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan, they are worn by both women and men but in Bangladesh and India, they are mostly worn by the women. The salwar/shalwar are loose trousers that look like pajamas, with wide legs at the top, but get narrow towards the ankle. The kameez is a long tunic-like shirt, normally with a western style collar but for the female wear, the term nowadays applies to the mandarin collard kurtas or collarless. Its thechaak, (side seams) are usually left open to enable grant the wearer adequate freedom of movement. Salwar kameez comes with a dupatta, (a long matching scarf) to be worn with the suit.

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Today, salwar kameez comes in different interesting bright colors, fabrics, and designs, most of which have been westernized by the different designers in the fashion industry today. The fabrics used in making these beautiful attires range from plain cotton, to chiffon, velvet, satin, silk and other good fabrics. USA Salwar Kameez:

Types of Salwar Kameez

Designer Salwar Kameez: These are luxury garments that come in flattering cuts and modern designs. They are made from the best quality fabrics and come in a wide range of patterns, designs and colors. Most of these suits are influenced by the bollywood and western fashions and are normally given a narrower cut than the traditional ones. They look elegant and create a slimming effect on the wearer. Their necklines vary too, for instance there is the U shaped, V shaped and round necklines. The most flattering neckline is chosen and if the occasion needs necks to be covered a matching dupatta comes in handy.


Embroidered Salwar Kameez: These give a wide selection of patterns and styles that can be embroidered. Fabrics embroidered with gold and silver give a magnificent feel and look, thus giving the perfect look for formal occasions. Sparkling embroidery works best for party outfits. The embroidery on salwar kameez depends on region since different regions use different embroidery patterns. It is therefore important to note that when attending occasions hosted by people from a particular region, you put on garments with their kind of embroidery.

Beaded Salwar Kameez: when beaded, they give a more formal decorative look. Beads of different colors, sizes and materials are used to create patterns and accessorize the garment. Before buying such a garment however, you must ensure that the beads help with your coop designs are firmly in place or that replacement beads have been provided due to their delicacy.

Luxury fabric salwar kameez: one of the major factors that determine the formality of a salwar kameez is the fabric used to make it. Cotton for instance is used to make the casual ware or for everyday use. Formal garments are made using luxury fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon, velvet and other high quality fabrics. These fabrics are known as luxury fabrics because of the elegant look they give, and they are also costly compared to other fabrics. Suits made from these fabrics give the best look due to their delicate texture.

Embellished Salwar Kameez: The most suitable embellishments for the occasion should be chosen for instance, the most detailed salwar kameez worn by a bride at a wedding is made of silk. The guests should also wear highly decorative outfits but all focus must be on the bride, therefore no guest should outdo the bride who is the guest of honor. When accessorizing an embellished salwar kameez, accessories chosen must not compete with the suit since in some cases, the garment is decorative enough to be worn without any jewelry or with just one piece of jewelry. For instance, a fabric with a heavily embroidered neckline does not need to be worn with a necklace.

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